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From the very beginning the preordained problem is announced when Rita describes the fortune teller to Camilo: she knows every thing. Knowledge accumulates with each oscillation; expertise of the loved woman, plus the enigma entrusted to a fortune teller, plus the advantage arranged by the mother, along with every superstition and religious faith, all stitched together by Machado. Each of Smith’s drawings conjures enough of Waite’s key phrases—the divinatory meanings of the cards—that the pure novice is likely to guess at them on a cursory peek at the image itself. Take the Nine of Swords, as an example. The image, on a stark black heritage, nine swords in parallel behind a figure, sitting up from the covers in bed, head in hands. The image is desolate: something awakens him or her (and so many of Smith’s figures are androgynous) at midnight.