how to tell if tarot card is reversed

Notice and just bear in mind as your hand begins to feel lighter as all energy which doesn’t serve is lifted up and out of the angel cards and published into the light. Imagine an orb of light now forming across the cards, lifting their vibration and frequency, and creating a link, paving the pathway to the angelic realm for you to use this tool to tune into the affection, information, curative, frequency and insight from the angels which is available to you always. A deepest consultation is not merely about spirit communique and intuitive tips; it is what many have called an event of an entire life. And who is on any other end of the road? Anyone with some spare time and a phone line of their home. Donna Kenworthy, author of “A 1-900 Psychic Speaks,” says she spent the last three years giving psychic advice to people over the phone – often while she was in the nude. Let our psychics give you information where you wish it most – your heart.