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Demonstrating an instantaneous link with ‘Spirit and Energy’ Alexi connects you with your fate. Like a beacon of sunshine in the darkness, she adds your personal journey with illumination and assistance. Uniquely gifted with a vast array of Talent, Alexi will channel in order to get to the bottom of any emotions or fears surrounding any situation that you may find yourself in. Alexis is a true directional who also can deliver life teaching, energy healing, even over the telephone. Lexi is a very compassionate and honest psychic. Klostermaier discusses examples from Bhagavata Purana, an alternative historic Hindu scripture, where a forest worker discovers looking at mother nature is a spiritual follow, to wisdom and freeing competencies. Trying to balance your 7th chakra will align and stability your other chakras. Reading the book, however, you get a feeling that these four recorded thoughts—all of the perspectives of white women—are simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of women’s involvement in the war. In Washington, D. C. , Greenhow recruited various society women and women as her scouts, including 16-year-old Bettie Duvall or even her own 8-year-old daughter, Little Rose. For years, Van Lew depended on a local seamstress and her paid African American personnel, including Mary Jane Bowser, a well-knowledgeable 21-year-old who posed as an illiterate enslaved woman contained in the Confederate White House in Richmond and accumulated important intelligence.